Saturday, March 5, 2011

All For Nothing - Live Show - 5 March 2011

It's about time for a real hardcore show filled with good bands right here in our hometown. Athens hardcore, here we go!
All For Nothing are not only one of the few female-fronted hardcore bands in today's scene, but also one of the most hard-hitting European hardcore bands in general. They've been doing their thing for quite a while now, having played hundreds of packed shows everywhere (indluding huge hardcore fests) while gaining a massive following in their native country, Holland. If you're up for some heavy old school hardcore with a light youth crew tinge, then AFN is your kind of band. They'll be tearing up the stage big time, but not before our local support bands wreck the place in their own right! Check it out.

I don't know many things about Cause For Fight, so I am making sure to get my ass to the show early so I can check this band out and see what they're about. Against All Odds, however, are one of my favorites from the local scene; and what a perfect band to get a hardcore show going with their upbeat, energetic old school hc/street-core. Eden Demise are of course the undefeated champions of brutal hardcore in Greece, and I am expecting nothing else but heavy ass hardcore grooves with a ton of attitude.

What can I say... I love hardcore shows! They're my way of having fun and chilling with friends. I always do my best to find myself in the crowd and you should, too. It's gonna be awesome!

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