Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vegan Hardcore Tattoos - Tattooed Commitment

It's always interesting to study the way tattoos have become an inseparable part of hardcore music and lifestyle. In many cases, words collide and it's hard to tell who influences who: people cross from one culture into another, i.e. start from vegan straight edge and go to just being vegan without listening to hardcore but keeping the principles from a scene they grew out of. In other cases, people who are vegan come to discover hardcore and its philosophy, draw the parallel lines and become true dedicated vegan sXe hardcore kids.

All is possible, and while people change their beliefs and shift from one culture to another in their endless pursuit of a solid, justifiable identity, one thing is for sure: the emblems that they chose in the process will definitely stay on their bodies. We're talking about tattoos, of course, and the way that they pay testament to a person's beliefs and past. I think this is exactly why tatoos have been so big in hardcore (aside from the fashion, which is always a factor). Hardcore as a style of music has always been related with strong beliefs and life choices. For sure, hardcore bands have always been outspoken about their philosophies and personal beliefs. This is what makes hardcore interesting ; this is what makes hardcore unique. 

Today's post is a small photo collection exploring the world of vegan tattoos.The following photos are not necessarily from people who are die hard hardcore fans, but the action it self of getting a huge vegan tattoo is pretty hardcore and deserves to be presented here! So let's go!
Nice throat tattoo with a direct nod to ALF
Vegan knuckles is always a good way to go
Working hard to maintain vegan fitness

 Don't ask if it hurt
Walter Bond, the 'Lone Wolf' - imprisoned animal rights activist
Supporting animal rights for life
Los Ocegueda, vegan tattooist
Little Linda, a vegan sXe model and tattoist

Like always, this isn't no propagation article.We just show it like it is. Personal beliefs may coincide with certain ideologies, but we're not trying to push anything down people's throats. Also, we should not forget to let vegans and aspiring vegans know that there is vegan ink that they should use for their tattoos if they want to remain 100% vegan (most tattoo ink contains gelatine, certainly an animal product). It's more expensive and most tattoo shops don't have vegan ink yet, but... yeah.

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