Sunday, May 2, 2010

Live Show: Bouncing Souls @ An Club, Sunday 2 May 2010

Type: Live Show
Date & Place: Sunday 2 May 2010, An Club
Organizer: TFK Bookings
And another Sunday transforms into a party with a live performance by a favorite band!

Indeed, The Bouncing Souls must be one of the most loved bands in the entire punk scene. Kids from all kinds of scenes (punk, hardcore, skinhead, whatever) listen to and love this band. I can't tell how they've managed to attract so many different people to their music, while at the same time keep it true and release one good album after the other. For me, the combination of aggression with their simple, heartfelt pop-punk approach, really does it. When I want to chill from hardcore or metal and punk it up a little bit, Bouncing Souls is always one of the first options. Let's go!

Congrats to TFK Bookings, for choosing a good set of supporting acts!

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