Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brazilian Hardcore Legends I SHOT CYRUS R.I.P. (1999-2009)

So as the days get hotter and we're getting tropical up in here, what better to do than listen to some fast, tornado-style hardcore!

When I'm seeking for some raging, crazy thrash with energy that can blow off the ceiling, one of the sure-shot bands is Brazil's I SHOT CYRUS. Their combination of insanely fast hardcore blasts with Kalota's screeched vocals and cool Black Flag style guitar leads, has been perfected during their 10 year-long career! With influences ranging from mid 80s crossover/hardcore to D-beat and punk/thrash classics like Heresy, Infest and C.O.C., I SHOT CYRUS have something to say for every fan of extreme music. 

Unfortunately, I recently found out that these fastcore legends have disbanded. This is our tribute to them. However, we will always keep them close to our hearts and play their stuff over and over again (check Refuse Records for their 1997-2001 discography of 7"s)! Yeah... it seems like I SHOT CYRUS will be the soundtrack for the process of doing the layout for TYS #4!

I SHOT CYRUS R.I.P.! (pix taken from I.S.C.'s myspace)

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