Saturday, May 15, 2010

Better Left Buried - "Get That Bitch In The Backseat" (EP Review)

Everyday I wake up, and I thank God for European hardcore :)

I mean, there are so many good bands coming out all the time, it is becoming hard to keep track and it's a bummer to miss any good bands out there. Like I've said before, my belief is that European hardcore is basically the heaviest hardcore on earth!
So let's go to this cool hardcore band that inspired me to write the above. BETTER LEFT BURIED is an awesome heavy hardcore outfit from the Netherlands. These guys have got the groove and brutality down to a T. They manage to keep their hardcore clean while incorporating the right metal elements like full-on double-kick drums, breakdowns and some guitar leads (not solos!) that add a lot of atmosphere and maybe even darkness to the sound.

The vocals are fucking tough, but not death metal stuff. Just right, cleanly pronounced gruff hardcore vocals! You can think Hatebreed or Terror but Koos (the singer) has his own quality, so as you understand this guy is pretty good at what he does. The rest of the band keeps things locked with quality heavy riffage and mid-tempo to slow grooves, which are so rad that could keep a whole van full of hardcore kids bouncing up and down (rap style but with no hydraulics)! 

Most of all, I liked this EP for the variety of different sounds that keeps things interesting. I say this because in this genre it is not that easy to be versatile, usually it is just heavy/beatdown/heavy. Check these guys out and you'll believe me! Just some more quality ignorant hardcore for ya!

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