Monday, August 6, 2012

Minority Unit (Last show) Sound & Fury 2012

Gotta love that internet... Actually I mostly hate it, but the fact that a hardcore show happens at the other side of the world and the next week you can kick back and watch it online is just insane. What a great way to check out bands and see if they rep their music like they should on stage.

Which is the case with this video here. The band is Minority Unit, a band that was made in order to pay homage to that old school Boston hardcore sound. Can't go wrong with intentions like these, really. Anyways, enjoy the video, the quality is not all that great, but we're sure you'll appreciate the energy and the general madness that goes on.

 And if you are somewhat bummed that this was Minority Unit's last show, don't despair. Walter Delgado's (vocals) other band is Rotting Out, so there is plenty more hardcore action for you to check out there!

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