Wednesday, August 22, 2012

D&D Allstars: "1,2 Pass It"

Why the hell would I ever post a hip hop video from the 90s on this blog? Well, partly because I just feel like it, but also because I really love old school rap. I've actually always felt that real hip hop is awesome as the chill alternative to hardcore (which undoubtedly will always be this blog's first love and main focus). It has a street mentality and it is undoubtedly an outspoken, in your face form of music. Enough said.

But anyways, "1,2 Pass it"  is a dreamteam collaboration and a true hip hop classic with a bunch of legendary rappers in one video (personal fav's are: Jeru the Damaga, KRS and Fat Joe, but the rest also nail it!). Don't you know what this style is about? It's all about keeping it fresh in the city jungle and stepping up your game amidst the urban chaos. These guys show how it's done. So take their lead, wise up and do your thing!

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