Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gallows - new self titled album

With 2009's Grey Britain album, Gallows achieved pretty much the very top of the hardcore/punk world. Since then a lot has changed for them, with the departure of their singer (and main figure) Frank Carter, and his replacement with Alexisonfire's Wade MacNeil.

This is not really big news for any punk fan (just a boring introduction). The news is that Gallows have a new self titled album ready to be released by Bridge 9 records. "Last June" is the first track that has leaked as a pre-taster. It has been released as a video and it can also be downloaded free at Gallows' official site. You can also check the video below.

In my personal opinion, the song carries that characteristic trashy rocknroll hardcore feel, and definitely needs a few listens before you can actually get into it. Check it out!

Poster from Gallows' upcoming Euro tour

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