Thursday, April 26, 2012

TERROR, DBD, TAKE OFFENSE, OVERPAIN - TYS Exclusive Hardcore Live Report


Going to a concert like that is always gonna be a good experience. Somehow you know it before you even go there. You expect the best and you know you are gonna get the best. When two of the most acknowledged hardcore bands of the last decade are performing there is no room left for expecting anything less. So, Saturday night we grab our good mood and some extra energy and we head up to Kyttaro Club, Athens. Terror and Death Before Dishonor are the major acts but before them, the locals Overpain, 20 Bulls Each from Ireland and the promising band from California Take Offense were going to start the show and warm us up. Surprisingly we found out that 20 Bulls Each cancelled their performance so there were four bands left to enjoy.
The show started at about 21.00 with Overpain presenting their hardcore/metalcore tracks at the best way possible. Full of beatdowns and with an admirable sound they gain the applause of the people that where at the venue at this time. And here is the disappointing part. Though the concert was about to start at 21.00 (and that is what happened), at the time that it started there where less than 30 people inside the venue. Definitely something that can negatively affect a young band that tries to present its work in a venue that is expected to be packed.

Overpain - SHC in action
Anyway, things started gradually warming up and the venue was half-full when Take Offense went on stage. Full of energy and with a very talkative frontman, that didn’t stop for a second jumping around; they made the first mosh-pit appear. They played songs from their previous works ("Walks Of Life", "Happiness Under Chains", "What Goes Around", "No Tomorrow") and some songs from their new EP ("T.O. Zone", "My Sacrifice", "Serving Our Time"). Their 30 min performance really seemed to be the best intro possible for Death Before Dishonor who were following.

Take Offense breaking shit up
One of the most intense touring hardcore bands with hundreds of shows every year took the stage and the audience started to cheer up even more. Transforming the venue into a huge party place seemed to be a piece of cake for Death Before Dishonor. With energy deriving from every part of the stage and with good interaction with the crowd it seemed that these guys really enjoyed their time there. I guess, the fact that the crowd was expressing it’s admire for DB4D in the most passionate way (mosh-pitting all the time and singing along almost every song the band played) helped them to give a great show. They equally represented their three last releases with songs like "Born From Misery", "Boys In Blue", "Remember", "Never Again", "Friends Family Forever" and "Peace & Quiet" but the highlight of their performance was the time they played their famous cover "Boston Belongs To Me", and I think that there is no reason to explain why. I would be extra pleased if they were staying on stage for at least 10 more minutes since the 30 minutes of their performance was really not enough.

Death Before Dishonor - FFF realtalk
 Terror were about to appear on the stage at a few minutes and there was still much energy left. First song, “One with the Underdogs”, and after that we had no reason to doubt or wonder about what was going to follow. Total chaos. A crowd in ecstasy and a band that was proving once again why they are one of the best hardcore acts today. Scott Vogel is a very charismatic vocalist and frontman and has the best way to communicate it. He entered the pit, he shared the mic with the fans, he was jumping around all the time, he was motivating everyone to stage-dive (he even suggested to move out some tables that were in front of the stage to make that easier) and kept everyone on the highest level of excitement. Anthony Herrera, the vocalist of Take Offense, went on stage and grabbed the microphone to assist on the singing part ("Stick Tight" if I remember correctly) and just before the end of the show the stage was full of people singing and dancing. A friendly, hardcore feeling and I really can’t think of anything more to ask from a hardcore concert. Oh, no, I know what I can ask. Same as with DBD I believe that Terror could add a few more songs to their setlist (complete setlist follows). I had the impression that the crowd could handle more than 40 minutes of Terror.

Terror: Fucking hardcore

Terror – Set list
One with the underdogs
Out of my face
Stick Tight
Never Alone
Always the hard way
You‘re caught
Lowest of the low
Spit my rage
Return to strength
Push it away
Keep your mouth shut
Keepers of the faith

Words: Nikos Tolis
Photos: Dimitris Douskas

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