Monday, April 23, 2012

SLAPSHOT Live in Athens (Mon 23 April 2012)

One of the first hardcore albums I ever got into was Slapshot's Old Time Hardcore when it came out in 1996. The honesty and hostility it delivered was like nothing I had ever heard before and totally turned me into a hardcore kid. This piece of vinyl is still one of the most precious items of my record collection some 16 years later! In fact, I consider Slapshot hugely influential and probably somewhere in the pantheon of the 5 most important hardcore bands of all time. Tonight, I will finally have the chance of seeing them live in one of Athens' most legendary clubs. Yes!

The design for the poster was made by graphic designer/tattoo artist and total hardcore fan, P. Ntolas (panosntolas [at] hotmail [dot] com).

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