Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: MUTANT SUPREMACY - "Rotting Season" 7" (Blastbeat Mailmurder, 2012)

Genre: Old School Death Metal
Location: Brooklyn/NY, USA
Band Website: official
Label Website: Blastbeat Mailmurder

On any given day, I am up for some scorching and chaotic death metal brutality. It is a genre that just doesn't run out it terms of hate and violence; it just cannot die out, just like mankind's profound hatred cannot die out. Philosophies aside, Mutant Supremacy have just released a 7" of total ugliness through Blastbeat Mailmurder, which will take you back to the dirty and underground roots of death metal, giving you a demonstration of the "ugly side of town".

This Brooklyn, NYC band has already established its name in the underground scene and I dare to say that it can't that hard when you play like this. Throughout the 4 songs of this ep we are punished with all kinds of beautifully sloppy blastbeats, old school death metal pounding and relentless whirlwind riffs. The vocals are 100% brutal death metal, spat rhytmically and not letting up for any kind of melodic inclinations. All in all, tt is not that easy to draw specific comparisons, as Mutant Supremacy takes from the best in the DM genre to create its own beast of a sound. It would suffice to say that MS has one foot in barbarous death/thrash while lending inspiration from perhaps Leprosy era Death, and definitely some good old Morbid Angel and Malevolent Creation. That, by alll means, can only be a good thing! Finally, the murky but well crafted production seals the deal for every kvlt freak.

There is enough chaos going on in this ep, with all the noodly Slayeric solos, the extravagant drumming and the non-stop slaughtering joining forces to create the nightmare we all crave for. However, this record definitely needs a few listens before you can understand what's truly going on. I would like to believe that this is death metal for the learned and experienced listener, and not for the general metalhead (or clueless deathcore new jack) as it is complex, vicious and - yes! - hard to listen to. Don't expect any groovy slam parts to shake your ass to, or any metallic artistry. To approach bands like Mutant Supremacy you need a love for violence, and the ability to sit down and take brutality with a smile.

Song taken from Mutant Supremacy's Infinite Suffering album

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