Friday, November 11, 2011

News: RINGWORM strike back with 2 cult 7’’ EPs!

Legendary clevo-core heavyweights Ringworm release a split EP with crossover metalcore merchants Mindsnare from Australia! The 7’’ titled Your Soul Belongs To Us, is provided by A389 Records and includes a mini comic book illustrated by the Human Furnace (the singer) himself! We expect some rough & dark quality metalcore here! Rumours say that in this 7’’ Ringworm continue their vile metalcore legacy!

For those who do not know Mindsnare, they have released split albums with Toe To Toe and Congress (H8000 crew rules!!!) while they have shared the stage with bands like Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and of course Ringworm.

At the same time A389 Records released almost another Ringworm 7’’, this time based on a 1999 demo cassette. It is titled Madness Of War and is limited to 250 copies! It comes with a nice ‘chaos’ layout! The partisans will proceed I guess..:)


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