Sunday, November 6, 2011

Harley Flanagan: the Cro Mags Legend Continues

The CRO MAGS have got to be one of the (if not THE) most legendary bands in hardcore. When we say "hardcore", we generally mean stuff that sounds like the CRO MAGS, no matter the diversions and trends that have emerged throughout the years. That's the sound that's always been, and that's the sound that's gonna continue to inspire kids to go hardcore and make their own music and bands, now and forever.

Throughout the yeats, a lot of energy has been spent on debating who the true leader of the CRO MAGS really is. Is it the legendary Harley Flanagan (bass/vocals) or is it the iconic Jon Joseph (vocals)? The truth is that, during various times in hardcore history the CRO-MAGS have been led by both members collectively, and have also been led by Harley and Jon independently, to the point that there have been two CRO MAGS at the same time. Fans and people in bands seem to part in to two directions with the legacy of this legend of a band still remaining out there for generaitons of kids to discover and enjoy again and again.

As hardcore fan I've never cared too much about this debate, cause to be honest I look up to both of these guys. Jon has the crazy Krishna holy vegan warrior thing going on, while Harley is the embodiment of hard as nails, bad ass hardcore attitude and a killer martial artist. And because we at TYS zine tend to take sides (unlike many other fence sitters), I will go  and say that judging from these guys' general precence in hardcore throughout the years, I have come to personally think Harley really  is the CRO MAGS. When I look at Harley, all I know is that this guy is for real, he's 100% hardcore and he doesn't claim the CRO MAGS' legacy for the money.

I will leave this here and take it to the music which as always, speaks best. Many people don't know that the CRO MAGS released two killer songs in 2010 with Harley on vocals (and on bass, of course). This last output is totally influenced by their early classic stuff, and especially by the thrashy Best Wishes album. Here is a track that, in case you've missed, you should definitely check out.

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