Sunday, November 6, 2011

Books: Think. "A Compilation of Cheap Poetry, Lyrical Crap, Words and Images"

Compared to the amount of countless records and demos constantly coming out from the hardcore scene, there is definitely a lack of zines and books coming out of that same scene. Think. is an independent publication emerging from the Greek HC punk scene which breathes some fresh air in this music-oriented scene.

Think. is a small book which features short poems, lyrics, opinion articles and photos. It falls under the personal publication category, and while some of the abovementioned features are in one way or another related to hardcore, most are purely personal and introspective. In fact, I'd say that most of the material in this book is a way of the author venting his emotions on personal issues like friendship, relationships, depression, loneliness, money, politics, growing up, bittersweet feelings about the scene, etc. I happen to personally know this guy and hardcore is his whole life, so it is kind of interesting to read and find out what kind of mark some 10 years in the scene have left on him.

The opinion articles in this zine are more positive in relation to the poems; they are mostly guest articles written for friends' zines trhoughout recent years (including an article featured in Take Your Shot #4!). They are uplifiting and sometimes pissed off articles about getting active in hardcore, maintaing your integrity and passion, and acting with sincerity and common sense. The zines that the articles were published in are scattered pretty much all across the world, so here is a nice way to think about how hardcore can take your words and thoughts, and pass them on around the globe.

This book is a hardback edition, printed in black & white and even though the layout is quite artistic and minimal, THINK. looks more like the type of peace anarchist publication you'd find on a DIY merch table at a crustcore show. That's cool! In fact, the author makes a point about avoiding any form of artsy/hipster wannabe status and I couldn't agree more.

Like I said the author is a friend and a long time colleague in hardcore activities, so it's hard to take these words in without thinking who's behind it all. I have to pretend I am someone else reading some guy's I don't know work, so that the words speak straight to my heart (and indeed, that's how I read this book). Maybe in a way I don't want to accept that a stand up guy I know has his own issues and anxieties, so even bigger thumbs up to him for making such an all-out, honest and fearless expression of his thoughts.

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