Monday, June 6, 2011

Old School Classics: Jerry's Kids

Many people wonder when exactly the line between punk and hardcore was crossed. It was in the early 80s for sure, but: which were the bands that did it and, moreover, what are exactly the elements that transform pissed off punk into raging hardcore? The answer lies in bands like Jerry's Kids and a little compilation from back in the day entitled This is Boston not L.A. A way to explain the formation of hardcore is this: what punk had, hardcore took and magnified X10 (the vocals, the distorted guitars, the drum pace), while at the same time dropping a lot of the dress codes and stuck up attitudes. Simple as that!

So if you don't believe us, go ahead and enjoy all the Jerry's Kids tracks from the ...Boston not L.A. compilation! You won't regret it! This was, erm, 1982 by the way...

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