Thursday, June 2, 2011

HEAD ABOVE WATER - Community Records Benefit CD Sampler

If you are a person who does not like awesome punk comps with some 35 songs on it, then you should say so right now and go join the sucky peoples' ranks or something. Seriously, compilations are great for discovering new bands, to see what some of your old faves are doing and of course they are just great for enjoying music in general. I have personally grew up with punk samplers back in the day (mid-era Punkoramas, Fat Wreck, Asian Man, Dr. Strange, Go Kart etc etc) so maybe I have a soft spot for them. But YOU should definitely check this out.

So... Head Above Water is a new addictive compilation of cool DIY music which varies from alternative indie punk to straight up ska, dirty fast punk, spoken word / acoustic and even some sludgy stoner / metal. If you can keep an open mind and don't divide music genres into neat little boxes (like a music fascist or something!), you will definitely enjoy this compilation cause it's put together nicely and makes for a great listen. Hey, it just might become your summer soundtrack. To be honest, there is not ONE bad song on this comp.

But even though this comp is cool as fuck, not all things in this world are. This is a benefit comp for the BP oil spillage, and it aims to raise awareness about this issue by telling everyone about it. That is why this compilation is free; it aims to reach as many people as possible. The labels which have teamed up for it alongside Community Records are Asian Man, Plan-It-X and Quote Unquote. The free download comes with a press kit with photos and essays about the oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico.

Once again, the punks are doing the right thing. They put out awesome music and bring the truth to the surface. Oh how I love punk fucking rock.

Download the comp here. Help stop the destruction of our environment.

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