Friday, June 17, 2011

NOW HERE ZINE #01 Review

If there was a prize for 2011's best new punk zine, then NowHere would surely win it! This is as punk as zines get these days, but at the same time there is something trashpop about it, which sets it apart from the heap of punk zines in your local distro zine box! Apparently making this zine took Lydia (the girl who puts it all together) a good two years, but it is definitely worth the wait now that this 94 (wow!)  page zine is out.

This zine is neatly put together and balances between music, art and punk politix. There are band interviews, cartoon strips, illustrations, opinion articles, record reviews, zine reviews, poems, slogans, ads created by Lydia herself, plus more stuff to keep your punk ass busy for hours on end! At least it got me staying up till 3am last night reading! NowHere covers a wide range of music, from dirty punk to hardcore to lo-fi to garage stuff and it's a good, interesting mix which escapes the hardcore/punk monotony.

I also can't pretend I'm not stoked about the fact that the band I play guitar for (My Turn) is interviewed in this zine, as well as for the fact that I've contributed a small article. It is just great to share a space with  a bunch of punx who have their own, personal, great style of writing. Lydia herself definitely owns it, I mean the lady should (and probably will) be an author someday. She uses the rarest. weirdest, coolest words out there so thumbs up!

You can reach NowHere at: info [at], and check this site:

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