Monday, February 22, 2010

Rise and Fall - Live Show Review (21 Feb 2010)

What an awesome show last night! Rise and Fall came out a lot harder than I expected, and turned their dark post hardcore into a proper full-energy hardcore show! I think this happens with many other bands as well, and it is good proof that bands keep the hardcore in their approach, even if they depart from its classic musical structures and evolve their sound. Like it's been said before, sometimes hardcore is more about the approach and less about the specific music style (as long as it's good, of course!) 

Moreover, the supporting bands kicked some ass too. Props go to Ruined Families, I Want You Dead and Endsight. One of the highlights were I Want You Dead's free promo demo CD (which rules and will be reviewed here soon) and awesome stickers. Also, I found quite a lot of good shit at the merch stalls,  and  as always at reasonable prices too! But the biggest highlight was honestly the good vibes of the people in the place.When you go home on a Sunday night after a fucking good show where you kicked it with your friends and bought awesome music, it gets kinda hard not to get psyched about the state of Hardcore in 2010!
Here are some pics from the show (thanks goes to Jim Hoppa):

Rise and Fall
I Want You Dead

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