Monday, February 8, 2010

Radio Kitchen every Monday 2-4pm on Indieground Radio!

I believe most of you have checked some Internet radio stations some time or another. The only problem, in my opinion, is to find a radio station that doesn't make your ears hurt when you listen to it! Indieground Radio, however, is a Greek on-line radio station that broadcasts underground and independent music, and its new show Radio Kitchen is probably the closest thing to HC/punk you will find there. To be honest I haven't had the chance to check out the show as I'm never home on a Monday 14.00-16.00 which is when the show takes place, but we at Take Your Shot totally and always support underground activity, so go for it!
And on to our own shit now, we got a review written by main friend and all-around good hardcore kid Rigas, who currently lives in the Netherlands! 

Wow! The band opens with a rather unusual discordant ‘untuned’ sound and broken vocals that is followed by a blast leading to heavyweight beatdowns to finish in slow pace… ‘You are god songs’ really sets the dynamics of this EP, debut of Noriega.
The band from Los Angeles formed from the ashes of Black Sheep Wall, and delivers ultra heavy music throughout the whole Desolo album. A doom hardcore sound, times creeping times pounding with some Botch math-riffing on top and really serious vocals. The heaviness is comparable to Crowbar and any other sludge or mathcore acts, but Noriega offer a sound of their own! The beatdowns are ‘atonic’ and original unlike most of the US metalcore stuff and the sound is not polished, it is gritty and thick. They even finish with a doom/drone 13 minutes long epic. They definitely have the spirit of doing something different and personal. For me that matters!

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