Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LEGACY - "First Assault" - Demo Review

Yes goddamn it! What we have here is some serious evil metal by guys who have put out something totally original and fun, perhaps without even realizing it.

Legacy are from Italy and play a mixture of monstrous, punky deathrash (yes, deathrash!) with some classic, cult-status metal influences that will crush your skull before you even realize it.

The production isn't perfect and the overall outcome is by no means 'pro' but who cares about that shit. There are many 'pro' underground bands and most of them are boring. These guys may have not mastered the english accent, but they have mastered the 'fuck you' attitude.

Legacy come at you like a tasmanian devil, with four songs filled with razor-sharp guitars, quick tempos and aggressive crossover death metal vocals. The influences come from stuff like Death (especially), Destruction, Nuclear Assault, Annihilator and many others -- but only the good stuff. I want to give a thumbs up to the classic metal influences from bands like Manilla Road, King Diamond, Death SS, Paul Chain and other metal beasts of the past!

It is almost hard to believe that there are people out there who still play metal like this. It's like they just busted out the time capsule they entered back in '85 or something. This is awesome; it's evil, it's mean, it's raw, it's how metal should be! There is not one single new age element in this demo, and this is something which makes it VERY new age. You know?

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