Sunday, April 15, 2007

Straight Opposition show 13 April 2007

Hell yes!

Last Friday's Straight Opposition show was a keeper! Thanks to Apostolis and the Disharmonic crew we got to see another good hardcore gig. Straight Opposition are from Italy and they play heavy as fuck and equally fast hardcore. Imagine the heaviness of Machine Head (!) combined with proper old school hardcore drumming, a killer flattening sound and you get the picture. As for the vox, they're also heavy and distorted without sounding metallic, in the usual European hardcore tradition. Awesome stuff, dude!

Disharmonic also played a hell of a show. These guys keep getting better and better, who knows how far they're gonna take it! But we can surely say that Greece has a hardcore band that can stand up for our country and also make a name for it. Now let's have some more Greek hardcore bands kicking ass! The scene might be on a decline at the moment, but that only means that it's setting itself up again!

I unfortunately didn't get to see Toxic Waste because I got to the venue just before the Disharmonic show. That's because I was working till late afternoon and had to go pick up my friend before the show, so that resulted in us being kinda late. I'm sure they kicked ass, in any case.

It was super cool to catch up with some friends and say hi.. Some old faces, some-but only a few- new ones... The gigs, it seems, are getting smaller and smaller. Also, I know some people who run record shops & say that the kids just don't buy hardcore records anymore. Hey, you know what? Who fucking cares!? Hardcore is not supposed to be a trendy form of music for the masses. It's best to keep it underground, keep it healthy and vibrant, and let the cool kids show up only when SOIA is playing... ha ha ha.

Let's have some more underground gigs like this one!!!

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