Thursday, April 5, 2007

The music, the message

Have things been kinda slow recently, or is it just me and my busy as fuck schedule? I know I've been slacking from writing this blog (before even starting properly!), which will change from now on, I promise. But it seems to me like there ain't any enthusiasm for hardcore these days, at least here in Athens Greece. Since I moved back a couple of months ago, I just can't find what's going on with hardcore activities, and where the heck all the hardcore kids have gone. No shows, no new bands, no nothing. Something's gotta change, and quick.

At the same time, I feel more dedicated now. 25 years old and I'm feeling the strongest I ever have about hardcore! Hardcore picks me up, gives me hope and gets me through the day, especially now that life becomes harder with all the adult responsibilities. I play my records whenever I get the chance to, in the morning when I wake up before work, in the car or anywhere fucking else. With the lack of gigs around, I tend to lose my head and mosh on my own. It's nothing to be ashemed of, friends, and definitely better than going through life half-asleep like so many people I know.

But it's not jus the music. It's also the words, the inspiration, the message behind it all. The truth is that these days I can't listen to a hardcore band that has nothing to say, no matter how hard and fast it might play. I need that message that makes the difference compared to any other sort of music in this whole wide world. That's what speaks to me and keeps me psyched all these years!

I might be a little dissapointed with the current state of hardcore in Greece 07, but I' not about to give up. Maybe it's just a matter of time until a good gig takes place, so I can see all my friends and have my faith restored (not that it needs to be restored, it's not even gone, but anyways...). The bottom line is: I won't despair, and I'll keep on being a hardcore kid no matter what!

Keep it up!

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