Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hollow Truth - Evöl Street Metal from Ireland

Oh yeah! Hardcore since a long time has infiltrated other genres and since those early days, various crossover genres have been here to stay for better of for worse.

Well in this case all I know is that I absolutely adore that streetwise, sped up crossover hardcore thrash! I'm talking about the type of hardcore that may sound like metal for some, but has a distinct hardcore influence and is of course delivered by hardcore kids, not big headed arpeggio-playing metalheads. In fact, this is the only thrash I want to hear! And that's because it has a street-level quality, a high mosh factor, and it can definitely put me in a good - albeit evil - mood.

So that's exactly what Hollow Truth from Ireland does. It takes the Cro-Mags Best Wishes (or later) formula, and mixes it with a more skatecore influence (especially on the vocals), which makes me think of early Suicidal and other bands of that ilk. The riffs are fucking hard and perfect for the pit, the groove is always on, the vocals are punky and not some ridiculous high pitched yell, the bad-ass aesthetic is in check (see the fantasy/war cover below)... everything is set for a band that will stay on my playlist for the next year, or who knows, even more! I am waiting to see what these guys will do next as I am heading straight for the download of their FREE demo. You should do yourself a favor and do the same!

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