Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Losin' It: Debut Album on Life to Live Records

When it comes to hardcore music, I'm not extremely hard to please; but there are indeed some elements I am definitely looking for, and the new song by Losin' It has it all! Before long, the rumbling bass intro convinced me that this band is what hardcore 2012 is all about. Energy, passion, anger, and a shitload of integrity. The rest is just math and hardcore knowledge on behalf of Losin' It: nice drum chops, pissed off vocals, a nice n dirty production sound, a cool label behind them and a GREAT album cover. Speaking of the cover artwork, it was designed by one of the best album designers of our times for hardcore, Chad Lawson. Check it out here:

You can get the debut LP by Losin' It (aptly entitled No Apologies) from Life to Live Records now! You can also check more from the LtL roster for free at the label's bandcamp page. Pre-Orders start Nov. 2nd at http://ltlrecs.storenvy.com. Also, don't forget to check the song "Glass Palace" below, and destroy something through the act of moshing!

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