Sunday, September 23, 2012

Strife - "Witness a Rebirth" recording sessions (small documentary)

Strife has stayed in hardcore's history as one of the most recognized and important bands of the whole 90s straight edge hardcore movement. Alongside Earth Crisis and Snapcase, I think they could be considered as the "Big 3" of the 90s straight edge era.

Well, those times are long gone now (the same goes for Strife's straight edge beliefs), but the band is back and has a new record of metallic, hard as fuck record for us to hear. Produced by Terror's Nick Jett and with guest drums by no other than Sepultura's Igor Cavalera, this shit is bout to hit hard.

Edge or no edge, I am willing to support the new Strife and get into some 90s revival action! Check out a small documentary about the new album entitled Witness a Rebirth below.


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