Saturday, June 16, 2012

Eternal Hated - New Song June 2012

Since we've been on the subject of current Greek hardcore recently, it shall be good to take things a step further and dive into the progressive metal/hardcore world of Eternal Hated. We'll do that through their new promo song they uploaded only a few days ago. Just press play & listen now!

So these guys are still freaking young but with an early start at making awesome music, they have already made 2 full lengths. At this point in their history, Eternal Hated are coming off the ultra-experimental 26:48 Minutes of Life, which was a somewhat risky and garage-y approach to metalcore. However now EH are down one member (i.e. the singer is gone) and in this promo song the vocals are shared between the guitarist and the bassist. And you what...? Good for them! They are back on the heavy side of things, which for me is obviously a good thing. They are darker, meaner, heavier and more pissed off. They still keep the experimental side, but without losing focus of what should be done and the fact that music like this must always be accessible. This song fucking grows on you with every time you play it.

Eternal Hated definitely belong to the new generation of modern alternative musicians who have taken things to the next level. They combine the knowledge of the music we all know (hardcore/metal etc), but give it the extra twist that only fresh and talented minds can bring. I am just so curious what their next step will be.

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