Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Inepsy - Nuclear Destruction Punx

A few months ago while waiting to play a show at a squat, I saw a faded Inepsy poster on the wall. The artwork was pretty mean, with crusty zombies causing havoc in a destroyed city, so this was a no-brainer: I had to know more about this band. I take pride in researching as much as I can about hardcore/punk/thrash you name it, but Inepsy was one of those legendary names that I had never actually taken the chance to sit down and listen to. My bad.

For me, Inepsy's sound encapsulates the real spirit of punk, with a sound that is not bound in a specific style and even though it has a trademark identity, it can appeal to different tribes of the extreme world. Inepsy's metal punk death squad style is something that does bring us back to 80s basements and punks going wild with huge-ass skateboards, but it also goes nicely along with modern day d-beat as well as the more punky side of thrash metal (i.e. Toxic Holocaust). Their songs are usually rather long (for HC/punk standards at least) but pack tons of energy, psychedelic dirt, bad-ass attitude, and of course tons of Motorhead crust-rock'n'roll,. All this reeks of that rare post-apocalyptic, primitivist, anti-civilization feel that many of us adore!

Inpesy have been working hard at rewriting some lesser known chapters of hardcore's history and they get our total respect for that! This Canadian motorcrust powerhouse may have broken up in 2011, but their legacy will live on.

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