Sunday, January 23, 2011

Figure Four Reunion!

It's no big secret that these days, it's pretty hard to find bands that play heavy hardcore in its original form. Basically, there are two beaten paths that most bands follow. Rather obviously, they are hip hop induced beatdown hardcore, and modern american style metalcore. Nothing against these styles of heavy music; but sometimes, we need to return back to the basic elements and get in check with the real.

Therefore, it's definitely good news to hear that Figure Four, one of the OGs of real brutal, stripped down hardcore, have reformed. These dudes have been pretty busy forming and playing in bands like Comeback Kid and Grave Maker. But now the time is right again and they are back to remind us how truly heavy hardcore sounds. They're also here to showcase that hardcore ain't nothing if it's lacking that committed and passionate message. And one thing we can surely say is that Figure Four has always been a band which stood with a strong message - so it's awesome to have them back!

So it's all good news; newer hardcore kids will be able to dig into some hardcore history, while older people will remember this classic band, or check it out anyways in case they missed out back in the day. Blood and Ink Records will be releasing the LP version of Figure Four's classic album "Suffering the Loss", while the band starts out 2011 by playing some big hardcore fests in the States.

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